Benny's Donuts
Donuts Ready When You Are.

Hot. Fresh. Fancy.

At Benny's Donuts, we believe donuts are more than just a casual breakfast - it's about the donut experience. Benny's Donuts makes premium donuts in the Pacific Northwest.

donuts in salem oregon at bennys donuts

Gluten Free & Vegan Donuts

It's all in the dough.

Thousands of customers agree that our Gluten Free & Vegan donuts are the best they've ever had.

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Salem Donut Shop Hours

Monday | 7am to 12pm

Wednesday | 7am to 12pm

Friday | 7am to 12pm

Saturday - Sunday | 7am to 2pm

1120 Royvonne Ave SE, Salem, OR 97302

Benny's Donuts Story

We make hot and fresh made-to-order donuts using our two dough options - our original recipe and our gluten free/vegan recipe - our glazes include local flare, fan favorites, and of course classic toppings. 

Benny's Donuts was founded in 2015 while attending college at Oregon State University. From garages to multiple donuts shops - Benny's Donuts is raising donut expectations.